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Sale Ends on 31-Aug-2022
Coupon/Promo Details:
The offer is valid on & mobile app. Choose any...Show Description
Coupon/Promo Details:
  • The offer is valid on & mobile app.
  • Choose any food recipe from uber eats & get 45% off on selected restaurants.
  • Offer applicable to all type of food order that is listed on the site.
  • Activate the offer & follow the page for an instant discount on Restaurants.
  • Ubereats coupons & discount code are not required.
  • Enjoy the taste!
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Order Online Food Under Rs 149

Sale Ends on 31-Aug-2022
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The offer valid on the official website & mobile app....Show Description
Coupon/Promo Details:
  • The offer valid on the official website & mobile app.
  • offer applicable on the entire website & food items which you wanna place an order.
  • Choose the delicious recipe which you like to have & place the order within the price range of Rs 149.
  • Uber eats served food delivery in many cities in India.
  • Ubereats coupon code not required to place an order for Rs 149.
  • Activate the offer & follow the landing page.
Verified on 23 July 2022
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Top Free Uber Eats Coupons, Deals, Promo Codes

Deals/Offers for Users Discounts
For Major Cities- Trending Offer Discount of flat 50% on food orders
For New users Rs. 150 flat discount
Paytm Wallet Users Grab Rs. 100 discount on 2 orders minimum
New Users Uber EATS coupons Rs. 75 discount on first 2 orders
Editor’s Choice on your favourite food Flat Rs. 50 off on your 1st order
Offer for New User Discount worth Rs. 600 & more + flat 70% discount on 1st food order
Offer for Paytm customers Flat Rs. 50 off on first 5 orders

How to Order Your Favorite Foodstuffs from Uber Eats With 36coupons.Com? is a very amazing podium where you can get coupons codes to experience some amazing discounts. Yes! Uber EATS gives the users a discount, but to make their discounts authentic, is the key!!

  • Visit and search for the latest available coupons that will suit your order
  • Note down the codes and open the Uber EATS app
  • Pick the restaurant or store you like, or that is your favourite
  • Select the food of your choice you want to eat and the meal you have been craving for
  • Order for the food and apply the coupon you got from the
  • Voila, the meal is here! Enjoy your meals with a great discount.

Order Your Favorite Finger-Licking Snacks from Uber EATS

Are you tired of standing in line with people waiting for your favourite snacks? Or, tired of waiting endlessly for your turn to reach so that you will buy food? Then, make yourself get rid of this by using coupons to order from Uber EATS online through Don’t you know that it’s not a good idea to stress yourself when you can just order your desired food from your favourite restaurant online, and it will get to you without wasting time? Surprising, right? The Uber EATS app has decided to make your day a happy one by making your love for food easy. Quench the hunger of the delicious meals without any stress from Uber EATS.

Uber EATS- Gateway for your cravings!

  • Uber EATS is a meal-delivery website which also allows you to simply order for food from their domestic restaurant. This app also has a website which connects you to the entire restaurant in your locality, to make it easy for you to order food from them. The Uber EATS came from the rail-hailing website company named Uber INC, which turned into an original website. Uber EATS Company made it possible to deliver food to people because they have Uber X drivers.
  • The company gets food from many restaurants like Iconic Ocean Pearl, a Village on Wheels, UP lip-smacking kebabs’ biryanis, exotic seafood from Gajalee, Jonathan deluxe and many others. As long as Uber EATS is concerned, your meal will reach right to your house within a twinkle of an eye. With many restaurants on the Uber EATS’ podium, they have enough items to offer the customers for their satisfaction. If you are holding a house party, or a lunch for students called get-together lunch, as well as colleague together meal, or even when you get hungry in the late night, you can order for food, and it will get to you.
  • Uber EATS coupons are given out to people, who prefer saving more than wasting a lot. The company also has promo codes and coupon codes which are meant for you! If you apply the promo codes on their app before ordering your meal, you will get a huge discount.

Facilities offered by Uber EATS

  • You will get a heavy discount on your first order at Uber EATS and 15% discount on food requests.
  • Discount: The Uber EATS offers a discount to all their customers, especially new horns who started to order their food through Uber EATS.
  • Trackers: The Uber EATS made the actives open so that the users can make use of the trackers to know where and when the orders will get to them.
  • Gift card: The Uber EATS offers their loved customers’ gift cards. They can use those gift cards to order foodstuffs for free.
  • Delivery is free: As a customer, you will be excited to order online at the Uber EATS because of how fast they deliver your food and give free delivery to their good patronize.
  • Free Meals from Uber EATS: If you invite and introduce new people to the Uber EATS, they will show their gratitude by giving you a free meal to enjoy. Also if the company finds out that a customer has been ordering and purchasing meal multiple times from them, they will give the person an additional gift to buy for free the next time.

Founders of Uber EATS

Mr Garrett camp is an investor and also a businessman. He came from Calgary Canada and established Uber EATS in the year 2017. Mr Travis Kalanick is a billionaire and a businessman too. He is from America and is the formal CEO of Uber EATS.

Fun Fact about Uber EATS

  • Uber EATS has an app and a website you can visit and order from, the apps are installed on the iPhone and Androids.
  • Uber EATS also made it possible for you to get the food you ordered while travelling as they are spread all over the world.
  • Uber EATS deliverers bring your order to your house with a different mode of transportation. Sometimes they come by bike, car or scooter.

How to place an order with the use of Uber EATS?

  • Go to the app and open it, select a restaurant you wish to order food from
  • Put your address for delivering the order to you
  • Once approved, all the available delicious meals on the menu will be displayed
  • Pick the meal or dish you prefer to eat and order for it. In Uber EATS menu, you are offered to select the food you desire and order as many items you want
  • Just go ahead and choose the delivery you want for your type of order
  • There many modes of payment to eat, you can choose one and proceed for the payment of the meals or order
  • Once you are through with the payment stuff, the company will give you a message- that means, they have confirmed your order and also regards to the request

Things you gain when you make use of the Uber EATS app

  • It helps customers to manage and order their meals easily
  • It is fast and convenient in the aspects of browsing
  • With Uber EATS app, you will be able to get the latest discount and coupons quickly
  • The company tolerates any way you want to use to pay them in-app such as the card payment, cash on delivery, net banking and others.