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Musafir- We Are Just More Than Traveling!

Do you want to book a flight at an affordable price? Visit the Musafir website and book with them. The Musafir is the UAE’S first ideal-experience travel platform. Musafir is an airline that focuses on their customer satisfaction. They offer things that will profit their clients. Actually, there are lots of things clients could benefit from booking their flights with Musafir. All you should do is a book with them. They have polite and humble workers who never treat their customers harshly or partially rather they treat them equal. Whether you are rich or poor, you can fly to your desired states. The Musafir has discount present in their platform that was designed for customers to remove or reduce some amount of money from their flight fare. With them, your dream of Travelling to your favourite country will be accomplished.

Every day millions of people book their flight at Musafir because they enjoy their services. You would experience ideally on things you never thought of experiencing before. Up till today, there are lots of people who love travel and every about it. Some reach the aims while some don’t, because they can’t afford a flight fare. The Musafir airline then came on the show to let those travel at a very low cost. Don’t you think they are amazing! It was really surprising that a well-convenient, exclusive and expensive looking flight could help people’s dream without asking for too much. They made it easier for you to get a huge discount with their coupons! Yes! The Musafir coupons and promo codes are present in the 36coupons which is a coupon dealing company that has lots of merchant coupons in its podium. 36coupons helps you get more discounts on your Musafir price. Go now! Pick your Musafir promo code from them and have the greatest trip ever!!

About Musafir Travel Agency

The Musafir being a UAE’s top ideal and experienced journey website was established on August 2007. They operate by three guarantees to every one of their users in everything they do. These three promises are a no-nonsense convenience, exclusive choice, an ideal experience. You could diagram your total trip via Musafir as it tenders hotels and cars booking as well as the places you will be landing on or places you will be flying to. The Musafir has totally achieved in life. Its achievements are endless. According to the reviews gotten from their customers, they tender their client’s lists containing more than 3000 destinations. The Musafir have hotels that stay in about 85000 properties over the world. They offer great holiday experiences and have lots of packages. They offer the best price guarantee. If their customer acquired a lower flight fare on another site that is based in the UAE, then book his or her ticket for service or products via their ideal price guarantee on their site or platform, they will either merge the low cost fare you got or withdraw their premium price guarantee for the services or goods and give you a permanent discount alongside any buy on site. Progressive advance towards giving new conveniences of communication and console keep Musafir among the best. They have once introduced the services in India that is known today as Musafir India in the year 2010. They signed an exclusive corporation via cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar in the year 2013. He is well known because he represents Musafir as an international brand ambassador. You will get more benefits from Musafir if you travel in a group or with your family. These absolute plans are organized to help ensure all Musafir customers get a travel pleasure experience.

Founders of Musafir

Musafir is a heading journey portal that is established just in the year 2007. It was established by Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah al Thani who is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Musafir, Sachin Gadoya, Managing Director and another co-founder of Musafir, and Albert Dias, another co-founder. Later on, in the year 2010, Sachin Tendulkar also merged powers with them. They all joined forces in making the Musafir as large and great as it is today. This UAE based journey website tenders you every of the answer to making your trip convenient, full of loving memories and interesting. The portal rotates around its principles of making use the smart technique to supply satisfaction to the users through the company’s services.

The look of the platform is “master blaster” Sachin Tendulkar has and holds a small stake in the company. The Musafir means “traveller” in Arabic and the name itself talks all. Once you step into the podium you will many things meant for you and many other customers such as booking cars, flights, hotels, visas and convenience experience. Are you one of those who is amidst of this assumption concerning how financially plan air trips are a fairy tale? Then it’s high time you put Musafir into deliberation!  Musafir is an example of a travel budget carrier which is based in India. It encompasses the top fleet size in all the India country. This agency features expansive outreach wide world which is flying to various destinations. Precisely, it flies scheduled domestic as well as international flights within 180 countries of the world. The carrier standardizes travel at cheap prices huge discounts, deals, and offers on every online flight booking.  Musafir, therefore, is the comprehensive idea for people who need a pocket-friendly comfortable trip. The flight agency tender’s lots of in-house services users which are the key reason for the growth of the fleet.

Fun Facts of Musafir Travel Agency

These facts are what made Musafir essential in the midst of online travel agencies.

  • They have excellent hotels at affordable fares
  • It the best choices of more than a million hotels
  • It is easy and fast in searching
  • The Musafir app: you will gain more exclusive discounts and comfort once you book with their app. This app of theirs was founded to secure their payment channels, sleek user design and easy methods of booking processes
  • You can also book a car with Musafir
  • Musafir has great and exclusive airfares
  • Musafir is the Arabic language which means “traveller”
  • It was founded in 2009

Musafir Customer Support Centre

The contact support system is available from 9 am to 7 pm respectively. You can also reach customer care at 022 6734 4444 and talk to the travel experts. You can also reach them through the social media channels at:

For any further assistance, you can drop the mail at [email protected].


Flying to or from India will give you the best experience of your life. Why not? It is affordable with comfort all the way. One of the leading airlines in the middle-east! Musafir is your ticket to luxury in the skies. Use their innovative search function to find affordable tickets to destinations worldwide, whether you’re flying from India or elsewhere. Musafir features the most-friendly and qualified crew members. Their crew members possess great skills to make your flight enjoyable. They are greater than four thousand employees from one hundred and fourteen nationalities. Do you know that you can hardly see a language that is not represented in the airline? With this crew, you are sure of the best experience of your life!