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  • Go to the search bar of and search for Malaysia Airlines.
  • Click on the Malaysia Airlines coupons page to open.
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  • When you have done that go to AppStore or Google Play Store on your mobile phone or iOS and:
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  • Choose the destination that you are going as well as the bus controller.
  • Fill in all the required information and enter the Malaysia Airlines code you have copied earlier.
  • Click on the ‘submit’ button to process your ticket. Within some time, you will get a notification that your ticket is being emailed to you including all the information that will be needed.
  • When you are done, you are now ready to travel to your desired destination.

Malaysia Airlines- Guarantees You the Peace Of Mind

If you really want to enjoy your holiday and have peace of mind as you take off to your next holiday destination, then you need Malaysia Airlines. Malaysia Airlines is the best option you need for your next air trip. With a guaranteed peace of mind, and a memorable holiday, you don’t just enjoy your trip with Malaysia Airlines but you save your money too. Wondering how? Malaysia Airlines is always generous to its customers by offering wonderful benefits to their customers. Are you thinking of meeting your travel budget and probably have some extra cash for other things? Then, you need Malaysia airlines to fulfill all your holiday aspirations. With fantastic offers such as Malaysia airlines voucher codes and Malaysia Airlines promo codes, you can enjoy various cheap flights on each of your air trips. Malaysia Airlines coupons, Malaysia Airlines Discount Coupons, Malaysia Airlines voucher codes, and many more unbelievable benefits are there for you to grab to have a thrilling holiday experience.

Malaysia Airlines is one of the World leading national airlines and a leading airline in the South Asia region. This is why its operations are reliable and dependable with age-long experience. Its operations transcend the bounds of the region with a wide range of international connectivity. You need to enjoy some of the captivating benefits which guarantee you ‘peace of the mind’ and ‘smiles on your face.’ Its superior quality in-flight service is matchless.

Malaysia Airlines History

Malaysia Airlines is a household name in aviation industry. It is the official national carrier of Malaysia nation. The history of Malaysia Airlines can be traced back to Malayan Airways Limited, founded in the 1930 in Singapore. Its first commercial flight was started in 1947. It was, thereafter, renamed Malaysia Airways in 1963 as a result of the formation of the Malaysia Federation. There was another renaming of the airline in 1966 lined with the Independence of Singapore Agreement when it became Malaysia/Singapore Airlines (MSA). After the asset sharing of 1972, an agreement was reached to form two airlines corresponding to each nation which were named as Singapore Airlines and Malaysian Airline System. Malaysia Airline System was later renamed what is known today as Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysia Airlines is well-known to the entire aviation world as one of the safest carriers. This earned Malaysia Airlines multiple times award winner of Skytrax award – ‘The World’s 5-Star Airline’ in 2009, 2012, and 2013 respectively. It also got recognition of the World Travel Awards of ‘Asia’s Leading Airline’ in 2010, 2011, and 2013 respectively.

Malaysia Airlines is one of the largest national airlines in the Asia region and the world. It earned the highest rating of 5-star from Skytrax known for its unbiased and independent airlines observatory roles. Malaysia Airlines runs daily flights to over 900 destinations, operates over 330 flights per day, and caters for more than 40,000 passengers every day. Basically, Malaysia Airlines operates its flights from Kuala Lumpur International Airport which is the home base, but it has well-coordinated chains of connectivity spread across the globe. Malaysia Airlines is in alliance with about 15 world’s best and biggest airliners and over 30 airlines affiliates across the aviation world. With an access to over 550 airports lounges, the reach of Malaysia Airlines is boundless.

Malaysia Airlines runs two affiliate airlines; Firefly and MA Swings. Basically, Firefly Airlines effects its schedule flights from Penang International Airport and Subang International Airport, while MA Swings concentrates on inter-Borneo scheduled flights. Malaysia Airlines operate a freight and cargo service run by MASKargo. Also, it renders other services such as aircraft maintenance, repairs, and overhaul.

Founder of Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines was founded on 1st May, 1947 around 47 years ago. It was then called as “Malayan Airways.” The company started its operations on 1st September, 2015 respectively. It was founded by Khazanah Nasional Berhad. The headquarters of Malaysia Airlines is located at Kuala Lampur International Airport, Sepang, Malaysia. The CEO of Malaysia Airlines is Mr. Izham Ismail. Malaysia Airline is the official global airline partner of Liverpool Football Club.

Malaysia Airlines- Great rewards!

Malaysia airlines’ quality services and performances continued to earn it the world and regional acclaim since inception. Recently, in 2018 alone, it has won the following awards:

  • CIPS Supply Management Awards 2018 Asia – ProcureCon Asia 2018
  • Best People Development Initiative
  • APPIES Malaysia 2018
  • Gold – Consumer Services category for #RayaAroundtheWorld Campaign
  • Best Service Airlines in the Asia Pacific Region Award
  • Phoenix Weekly Lifestyle Travel Awards 2017 – 2018

In 2017 alone, Malaysia Airlines won over 30 awards in different categories from highly recognized and reputable organizations. Malaysia Airlines is still raising the bar of excellent service in every area of its operations.

Some amazing facts about Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is full of amazing facts that will interest you. It is a historical airline that continuously transforms its operations to meet the trend of the time. This transformation makes Malaysia Airlines wax stronger and proactive to the yearnings of over 40,000 passengers on daily basis.

  • Malaysia Airlines is a World-class leading airline and rated as one of the best and biggest airline operators in Southeast Asia. Since it first existed as Malaysia Airways Limited in the 1930s, it has constantly rebrands its operations to meeting all airline standards. It runs daily flights to over 900 destinations, operates over 330 flights per day, and caters for more than 40,000 passengers every day. Malaysia Airlines Berhad has one of the largest aircraft routes connectivity in the airline industry.
  • Malaysia Airlines is in alliance with about 15 world best and biggest airliners and over 30 airlines affiliates across the aviation world. With an access to over 550 airports lounges, the reach of Malaysia Airlines is boundless.
  • Malaysia Airlines Berhad operates seamless operations that offer unlimited cheap flights tickets, Check-in Baggage with an additional 10kg baggage, Frequent Flyer Program that enriches miles for Student Travel, Complimentary date change program which allows 1 date change and many benefits to customers. Malaysia Airlines offers Family and Friends Promo which encourages group trips with great discounts. It equally offers Flight Discounts of up to 20% flight discounts throughout the year.
  • Malaysia Airlines is a worldwide acclaimed safe airline for a ‘peace of the mind’ trip. Malaysia Airlines maintain a high level of ‘Safety first’ standards.
  • Malaysia Airlines celebrated its 40th anniversary in October 2012, which represented the day it took off operations as Malaysian Airline System Berhad on 1st October 1972. At the inception, it commenced operations with a fleet of 6 Boeing 737-200 jets, 9 Fokker F27 Friendship and 3 Britten Norman Islanders. It has grown to be a major player in the aviation industry in Southeast Asia and the world at large.

Bookings made easy with Malaysia Airlines now!

Malaysia Airlines has a well-defined online booking facility through which intending travelers can book and manage their flights using the Malaysia Airlines app. You can download their app which is free to all users. This makes your booking easy while on-the-go. The app is available as MHmobile on Google Play Store and the AppStore. On the app, you can upgrade or downgrade your baggage allowance, get more deals, and many more updates. You can create and sign in to your Malaysia Airlines account. Malaysia Airlines mobile app is easy to use while you have total control of your account to navigate, upgrade, downgrade, check new deals and new offers, and also to check all the new updates.

Malaysia Airlines Refund and Cancellation Policy

Malaysia Airlines has well-detailed refund terms and conditions that cover all ticket classes. You may need to check all the terms and conditions relating to each ticket category before you purchase your ticket. If you decide to cancel your ticket before the flying date and time, there is some general provision for ticket cancellation. You may qualify for a refund based strictly on Malaysia Airlines fare conditions and terms. Malaysia Airlines may surcharge and deduct the cancellation fee or penalty (should there be any) from the total amount you paid for the ticket. The refund will be made to the same Credit Card used for the transaction. You can make online request for any unused or partially used refund by filling the refund form which is available on Malaysia Airlines official website.

You can cancel your booking by contacting the local office of Malaysia Airlines but if you’d purchased your ticket through a travel agent, you may need to contact the agent for the cancellation, you may get a refund provided it is as such provided for in the fare conditions and terms of your booking.

Malaysia Airlines Delay Policy

Malaysia Airlines also maintain well-spelled out luggage policy which depends on the type of airline ticket you have purchased or booked. It equally has different rules for carry-on and checked-in baggage allowance and different compensation criteria for damaged, lost or delayed luggage. You may check details of our Delay Policy on our website. For flight delays, compensation also depends on certain conditions as spelled out under our terms and conditions policy for delayed flights. The conditions include but not limited to:

  • The flight must be Malaysia Airlines scheduled flight.
  • You must have duly confirmed a reservation for the flight.
  • Not having a free or offer ticket which is not in the public domain.

Malaysia Airlines Customer Care Service

Care/Support Service is another major area where it excels over other airlines. Malaysia Airlines constantly hold its numerous customers in high esteem. That is why it maintained a high standard Customer Care. Support Service is another major area where Malaysia airlines constantly excel. It runs a high-powered Support/Care System to ensure that all customers’ inquiries are promptly and adequately attended to. The root cause of Malaysia Airlines success story is pivoted on professionally-driven Customer Help/Support system which is aimed at keeping its customers constantly happy.

You can contact the Customer care Support Center for General Enquiries concerning Reservation & Ticketing matters:

1300.88.3000 – (within Malaysia)

+603.7843.3000 (Outside Malaysia)

Mishandled Baggage matters: Call: +603.8777.2288.

You can visit our website, anytime, anywhere at


As Malaysia Airlines has continuously put the welfare of its customers at heart, it continues to improve on its local, regional and international routes. With a large retinue of alliance with the best and largest airlines in the world and over 30 affiliate airlines, Malaysia Airlines is in a good stead to remain at the top of the world commercial aviation ladder. The streak of award-winning of Malaysia Airlines is a confirmation of the quality of its services.

Since Malaysia Airlines is operating already in the sky, they aimed to reach higher above the sky. No wonder Malaysia Airlines continue to make customers comfort its first priority through cheap flight tickets, promo codes, and voucher codes, and other benefitting offers. It is advisable for you to take advantage of. Go straight to 36Coupons.  To enjoy the best trip and a guaranteed ‘peace of the mind’, you surely need Malaysia airlines for your next holiday trip.