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About Jetradar

You sure want to know about Jetradar! Do you want to know what they do? You are right about that. Jetradar is a company that offers you online assistance that to plan, search, compare and execute your next air trip; anytime, anywhere. Jetradar operations are multilingually available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Thai. This gives users language search options. With Jetradar, thousands of people are benefitted as it is the largest online search engines for booking flights all across the globe. You can easily compare the airline prices, easily track down the carrier’s offers which are specially launched for its valuable customers, and book the flight tickets at the cheapest cost.

Jetradar has a wider spread of operation across the globe. We are services cut across many major airlines such as Lufthansa, Alaska Airlines, JetBlue Airways, just to mention a few.  Jetradar services encompass both domestic and international destinations and provide an unlimited range of lodging options. Mention it, from resorts, luxury hotels, or extended stay hotels are all our core areas of specialization. We offer easier ways to compare flight schedules and layover options of your choice. Jetradar is a platform where you get all information about all airlines which saves you the endless search. Because Jetradar cares for the comfort of your pocket, it offers voucher offers, Jetradar Voucher codes, Jetradar codes Jetradar which you can access the main coupon website, 36Coupons.  Jetradar is an experienced tour planner, an adept organizer of excursions, the best arranger of honeymoons.

Jetradar Founder – The Success Story

Jetradar was founded by Konstantin Kalinov. It started operation in 2007 as a small airfare blog. The company was boosted in the following year when airfare distribution in Russia was liberalized giving way to e-ticket. Jetradar released the English version of its main web functions in May 2012. The English websites have under its cover with 535 airline partners and cooperating with 35 travel agencies across the world. iTech Capital became a stakeholder in the company in 2014 with a $10 million investment. The current CEO of Jetradar is Max Kraynov who is also the Managing Director.

JetRadar’s headquarters is located in the beautiful city of Phuket, Thailand with other offices in Hong Kong,  Sydney,  Saint Petersburg, and Moscow.

Jetradar is a company run by Go Travel UN Limited which provided additional local search engines for the Russian market including is the company’s sister-brand.

5 Enchanting Facts About Jetradar

  1. Jetradar is a renowned multilingual, international company operating in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Thai with A presence in five continents.
  2. It has two sister websites that operate in non-standard alphabets; they are Russian’s Cyrillic and Thai.
  3. Jetradar is in partnership with 535 airlines and 35 reputable travel agencies across the world.  This is in it’s strive to bring excellent deals to domestic and international customers.
  4. Eco Rank is an innovation of Jetradar, which is a filter option that allows you to choose a flight based on the plane combustion that creates the lowest harmful emissions.
  5. Jetradar maintains its widespread across the continent with five international offices in Phuket, Thailand, Sydney, Hong Kong, Australia, Moscow, and Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Jet Radar Customer Care Support System

Our Customer Care Service is our core tool to reach and attend to the needs of our customers. This is why we run a 24/7*365 Help Desk service to attend to all inquiries from our customers. Avail yourself with these opportunities which include live voice call, live chat, voicemail, email, and social media. We respond to all your inquiries and help calls promptly.

Our Email: —[email protected]


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