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Steps to Avail CheapAir Coupon Codes

  • Go to the search bar of and search for CheapAir.
  • Click on the CheapAir coupons page to open.
  • Choose the best promo offer from the top listed coupons.
  • Just click on the Get Deal to activate the offer & follow the page.
  • On CheapAir official website,, you’ll need to choose the City you’re flying from, arrival destination, and travel dates.
  • Then, choose precise flights from the options that are given to you.
  • Click on the book, and fill up the area on the right part of the homepage labelled promo certificate by entering the promo codes you have copied.
  • As the code is gone through, click on ‘add’ and carry on through the checkout procedure, which engages filling in your name, date of birth, e-mail (compulsory), and your method of payment (whether credit card or PayPal information).
  • Once the needed fields are completed, cross-check the whole important details, and then click ‘purchase’ found at the button of the homepage to procure and protect your seats on the air travels. Your Travel Purpose!

Have you been searching for the best and cheapest booking site for your trips to your chosen destination and to the United States? There’s good news for you! Try CheapAir! They are renowned for quality travel booking services in an effortless exploratory mode. Their services are fast and reliable to help you select from a list of options for your holiday trip. A user is allowed access to choosing the particular day you wish to travel and voyage times. You are allowed to check out every option to know the route and mode of movement as in whether there are stop over’s, when and where. CheapAir is the best option for those seeking to travel to the United States as well as those who craving to travel out to other countries too due to its smooth operation. CheapAir is the premium online travel Agency to offer air trips to Cuba and it is the favourite of many travellers because of their properly trained staff members that go beyond customer’s expectation in making any trip a spa! Their services can’t be overemphasized as they start from trip planning till you get to your destination successfully! CheapAir allows clients to contrast between rail and flight costs for the best of the choice that is suitable for such customer. They have leverage over other competing booking sites because they don’t try to distract you into choosing them rather their services and reviews of customers do the work! CheapAir ensures that their customer’s avails every single discount and deals offered to users by using cutting-edge technology to navigate the various sites for the latest promos, vouchers and discount codes and deals obtainable.

They utilize their technology to alert customers about different flight facilities which they might wish to know about any other additional charges like baggage fees or port fees. The travel agency ensures that flights are grouped based on time of flight, the particular company in question as well as the cost of the flight.

About CheapAir

CheapAir is establishing in the year 1989 by the CEO, Jeff Klee while still studying at the University of Michigan. CheapAir was initially regarded as 1-800-Cheap-Air before the official launching of the website in the year 2000. Once Craig Fichtelberg became the president and co-founder in 1993, he started the global expansion of the travel agency from California city to Chicago and to New York City. The travel organization will cautiously guide you through the steps of scheduling your holiday in such a manner that you’ll save a lot of cash as well as time. They engage in booking car rentals and flights to all travel vacations and hotel sites. CheapAir guarantees that you‘ll have free Wi-Fi on your air travel, without minding the destination you’re travelling to. You can decide to join airways or choose to bond with one particular airway. Furthermore, when you want to book your flight, hotel accommodation, and car rentals, CheapAir ensure that it is totally hassle-free by utilizing the flight status checker. This device enables the traveller and their loved one to know the conditions of the trip and be ready if there’ll be a setback which might affect their flight. Through the flight status checker, there’ll be guarantees that they’ll be no lingering over an extended period during their tripping or landing. Another added bonus is the extremely helpful fare tracker which conveys you a message when travelling promos, exclusive deals, voucher and discount codes you might be interested in comes around. As an innovative travel agency, CheapAir was the first organization to integrate a mobile application which provides an easy usage for their clients booking comfort. The application helps the clients to easily get their destination and search for different flight options that will suit them. CheapAir is globally linked to many renowned financial institutions which enable their customer’s different type of payment options. Payment through credit card as well as payment via bitcoin is accepted with western union transfer mode of payment

CheapAir Founder

Jeff Klee in the year 1989 established the CheapAir while in University of Michigan as he was planning to go over to Europe. He got an idea to invest in travelling industry and he followed his instincts to this successful trip agency. And now, the CheapAir back then is now one of the world’s top travel agency for vacations. In 2014, CheapAir became the first online travel organization to invest a monthly expense choice for global flights. In addition to that, it became the first online travel organization enabling users to easily match up both flight and rail choices alongside. Also, it was the first travel podium to offer in-flight services with each flight alternative such as WI-FI, socket output, in-flight infotainment, and USB.

Things You Didn’t Know About

  • CheapAir is formally known as 1-800-CHEAP-AIR. With CheapAir, you don’t need to plan your holiday alone, they will help you in a way you’ll avail a lot of cash as well as preserve your strength.
  • They do every booking service from car rentals, flights to all-inclusive travel vacations and hotel arrangements for their customers.
  • CheapAir accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and they allow their users different mode of payment for ease of booking.
  • CheapAir offers a lot of discounts and deals using their respective discount codes, promo codes as well as voucher codes. Through these offers, one can save a lot from their travel and hotel booking.
  • You can grab amazing discounts now through and save massively with the offers given. Contact Support Help Desk Customer Service Contact Info

Address: 26707 Agoura Rd Ste 204

Calabasas, CA 91302

Telephone number: +1 (800) 243-2724

Email Address:


CheapAir Cancelation and Refund Policy

The cheapair customer support unit is ever ready to attend to you on any issue that might pose on your way to comfort! Once you have completed your booking via their acceptable websites or from CheapAir, you might be given the chance for change in plans as far as it is genuine. If you’ve booked your flight and paid for the ticket and something later come up warranting a delay, cancellation, or you don’t want to journey as programmed before, don’t panic! Please don’t just hesitate to get in touch with CheapAir Customer Support hot Line with the links above, so that any of their representatives can help you out. They are not judgmental as they know that even the greatest laid down procedures can change. They’ve included hotel cancellation strategy online during the booking process, with the intention that you’re completely informed in case a problem comes up accidentally. Your type of booking will enable them to find the most suitable option for your refund.


CheapAir has the whole story concerning affordable booking for you! Why do you want to waste much of your money and time on costly flights? The best assurance ever given is that you will get a cheap flight and hotel booking but there won’t be compromised in the quality of their services. There’s also a hundred per cent customer satisfaction guarantee in which an unsatisfied customer has the right to collect their money back! Although it is worthy to note that there has never been a case of the unhappy customer as they ensure that your trip is made the order of the day! Just put an end to those costly bookings and join CheapAir today! With the CheapAir promo codes and discount codes at 36coupon, you are sure to fill your online pocket to the brim!