Hot Beverages for 2 Small Serves at Rs 79

Sale Ends on 28-Feb-2019
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  • Offer available only at
  • The applicable on order of Hot Beverages that includes different varieties of chai – Green Chai, Masala Chai, lemon Chai, Ginger Chai, Dum Chai, Sugarless Chai, Ginger lemon Chai, Cutting Chai, Jaggery Chai, Filter Coffee.
  • Area served for the delivery – Bangalore, Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune.
  • Chai Point coupon & promotional offer are not required.
  • Activate the offer & follow the page to get two Hot beverages at INR 79.
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Get Snacks Under Rs 99

Sale Ends on 28-Feb-2019
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  • The offer valid on Chai point website.
  • Avail this offer and get snacks under Rs 99.
  • Item included- Banana Cake, Veg Puff, Egg Puff, Samosa, Vada Pav, Multigrain Biscuit, Bun Omelette, Masala Mathri, Cake Rusk, Quinoa Puff, Stuffed Paneer Kulcha, Egg Puff, Chicken Seekh Puff, Classic Chai Cake.
  • The order will be delivered to selected cities like Bangalore, Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune.
  • Chai point coupon & discount codes are not required.
  • Activate the offer & follow the landing page.
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Shop for Shake Milk at Rs 89

Sale Ends on 28-Feb-2019
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  • Offer applicable for cities like Bangalore, Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune.
  • Chaipoint coupon code not required on order of Shake milk.
  • Simply, Activate the Chaipoint promotional offer & follow the landing page to the Shake milk at Rs 89.
  • Hurry!
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ICED Chai Starts from Rs 69

Sale Ends on 28-Feb-2019
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  • The offer applicable on website.
  • Chai points sell multiple different types and taste of chai for Chai lovers in India.
  • Chai point coupons are not required to shop for any chai.
  • Activate the offer & follow the page to get the ICED Chai at Rs 69.
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Top Free Garma Garam ChaiPoint Coupons Just for You!

Categories Discounts Validity
Chai Point offer for all customers 40% off discount in every order Till Month-end
New users offer Off Rs. 60 on your first request This month end
Chai Point 1st request offer Free portable flask Till month end
All customers offer Banana cake for free (promo code) On till the end of the month
For all users Flat 30% discount for every tea you order This month end

Step to Avail Chai Point Promo Codes

All you need to do is follow the below steps to get a huge discount on your orders:

  • Go to and choose the promo code that you want to grab
  • Note the code and open the Chai Point application you want to order from
  • Select the tea and beverage you like and desire for
  • Then order for it with your applied coupon
  • Get ready because soon enough your tea will be at your house.

Chai Point-The New Heritage Tea Chain In India

Are you looking for the cold, hot, ones with beautiful looks, unique taste, or sweet aroma? Chai Point has them all. It is one of the best Indian tea company and also a cafe chain which focuses more on tea beverages. Chai Point is among the favourite beverage companies that are seen in every home. From the start, Chai Point has been attractive to people because of its pleasing brewing taste, aroma and health benefits. If you should look around properly today, you will discover that there are lots of teas, excluding Adrak Chai and the popular Masala. Almost all these teas are available online. Chai Point has made things easier for you with the idea of delivering your beverage, refreshments, combos, or teas at your doorpost. The company now makes their operations online in which you can use their mobile app on your iPhones and androids to get any details or place your order. They have different types of teas to give you, and some of the teas are iced tea, hot Chai shakes, latte with little other food items which they offer. You want one of these teas, but you can’t afford the price, right?? Visit and get the promo code and coupons. Then enjoy your favourite Chai with bumper discounts!!!

Chai Point- Timeless Collection of Indian Aromatic Teas

Chai Point is an online store with simple goods. The store does not only present varieties of chai, but six types of hot tea and five types of iced tea are brought as well. Chai Point consists of many core products such as ginger chai, lemon chai, Dum Chai, Masala chai, cutting chai and iced chai. They also have some snacks like Baked Vada Pao, Aloo Chat Sandwich, Masala Bun Maska, Maggi and many more. Chai Point was established in 2010 and was located at Bangalore. They have developed into places like Mumbai, Noida, Pune, Chennai, Gurgaon, and Delhi, etc. They distribute over 300,000 cups of Chai daily. If you’ve been craving for hot fresh tea, but you don’t know where to get a tasty one, that’s when you should consider Chai Point! Chai Point aims to help individuals with a low budget in purchasing their tea. To get numerous types of tea with discount, Chai Point coupons are available for that. Once you order online, it will be delivered to your destination in a flask that you can retain; they will deliver it within 20mins time and for free. People continued to love Chai because they found out that offers greatest discount coupons and also has additional cash back offers. If you order via 36coupons, you will get your desired tea within a couple of minutes. So grab your opportunity today!

Chai Point- The Art of Bringing Out The Best Flavors From Each Ingredient

Human beings spend much every day, and they don’t like it. They will like to minimize and save some cash on their purchases. Many people love drinking tea, which is Chai Point reasons for offering discounts. In order to spend less and save more, select desired offers, use coupons codes on offers, verify payment method and save more as well as yourself. Place your order and all Chai Point delivery executives to bring it to your house. And also if you are a greenhorn on the website, there are a lot of chances like 50% discount on your first purchase or order for savings. They do this to draw more users or customers to their store.  Furthermore, you will discover discount codes, meant for the old customers. You can make use of it and get 30% discounts after a small purchase of Rs.150.

There are also promo discounts, deals, and cashbacks for customers which allow you to choose the best in the offer. Also, it is easy for one to select the online deals and discount, to the extent new user doesn’t find it difficult to use. The Chai Point also gives offers to their existing customers, if they refer or introduce the new customer to the site or website.

For you to make Chai Promo Codes authentic, continue couponing from 36coupons. It is the key website that offers all the excellent deals in Chai Point.

Chai Point -Who Is the Man Behind the Scene?

The Chai Point was established by Mr. Amuleek Singh Bijral, who is now the CEO of the company. Mr. Amuleek Singh worked with Microsoft for some years before going for his MBA at Harvard University. He also served at the US start-up. His family loved and supported him enough due to this great vision (Chai Point) he decided to achieve. The Chai Point you hear today was once a little store, but now it’s popular.

Amazing Fun Facts of Chai Point

  • The Headquarter of Chai Point is at Bangalore, Karnataka.
  • The company began selling the teas on Amazon in the year 2017.
  • The special delivery service of the chain is known as chai-on-call.
  • In the year 2015, Chai Point sold a total amount of 10 million dollars.
  • Chai Point has this wonderful endeavor known as “chai@work” in it; they offer fresh brewing beverages to the customer.
  • You can install a mobile app which they have in your cell phone to order teas online with one-tap.

Chai Point Promotional Offers

  • Latte and shakes: If you are feeling hot due to the weather and you are looking for a drink to calm your nerves, latte and shakes are the best for you. When you drink it, your body temperature will be turned down due to the ingredients in it like tiramisu, chocolates, mango, paan kulfi, and strawberry.
  • Breakfast and snacks: Everyone should have a complete breakfast every morning. Know that your breakfast is incomplete without a morning tea. Both dessert and starters should be able to make their meals complete. Check Chai Point offers and request for snacks such as sandwiches, classic Maggi, brownie, samosa, cakes, poha, muffin, etc., with your coupon code using Chai Point app.
  • Iced tea: If you keep drinking one type of tea and you find out that the tea is not good for you, you can go for an iced tea. Iced tea is the mixture of two or more flavors with many ice blocks to make it chilled and brain freezing. The Chai Point has many teas with ice, such as cranberry, apple, lemon, green chai lemonade, spice mango, and strawberry. There are some amazing Chai Point coupon codes for iced tea offers just for you.
  • Combo: It’s not compulsory for customers to place their orders physically. He or she can also place an order online for a combo; the combo can get your appetite filled enough. Chai Point offers a great range of combos such as lemon uniflask and vermicelli, ginger uniflask and Chinese poha, banana cake as well as uniflask plus multigrain biscuit, etc.

The teas are imported from areas like Assam and Darjeeling. These areas are well known for their malty and strong tea leaf flavour.

More Things to Know About Chai Point

  • Chai Point makes use of third parties in their in their mode of payment. The third party that is making use of the personal details of the customers is ruled by the privacy policies of the Chai Point. Chai Point advice the customers to appraise their privacy policy.
  • If the company gets any details, they will use it to upgrade the users experience like improving the food offers, the website, process of payments and services the users get.
  • Users of Chai Point also place their orders for beverages and teas through to get additional cashback amount and even get the latest and efficient promo codes.

There are many options used for ordering tea; you can order via call or place your order online at Chai Point. Grab your offers today and become the lucky one… Because…Chai Point not only brings you a cup of tea; it’s the way of bringing you the perfect blend of heritage tea at your place!!!