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About Carsome

When it comes to finding the right car selling services in Malaysia, there are a lot of important factors to be kept in mind. These factors include the price, the ingenuity of the buyer and the buying/selling platform as well. Considering all these can be troublesome for a novice seller. But you won’t have to worry anymore. If you are planning to sell a car in Malaysia, you can always get in touch with Carsome, the best automotive website that offers the smartest, fastest and hassle-free car selling service ensuring complete transparency. And if you’re interested in cashing in on Carsome coupons that you can use to get a good deal, then this page is for you!

One of the best features of Carsome is that you get the complete guarantee of the price according to the condition of the car. You can opt for a complete evaluation of your car or any customer can also ask for a spot inspection. If the customer is satisfied with the price, then the selling process can be completed instantly. If you are looking for a higher price, then the company can schedule the car for higher bids among its certified used Car Dealer networks. The best part is, even the paperwork will be done by Carsome itself saving you precious time. You can rest assured that you will walk away with a good amount of money.

Founder of Carsome

The founder of Carsome is Eric Cheng. He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who has a demonstrated history of working in the digital marketing industry. He is a very skilled digital strategist with experience in mobile advertising, media buying, search advertising and pay-per-click advertising as well. One of the best things about Eric Cheng is his extraordinary entrepreneurship skills.

He completed his ACCA (Certified Chartered Accountancy) from Sunway University College. Before starting his own venture, Eric worked as an account director in digital media in Innity Sdn. Bhd. He was the one responsible for the development and execution of the digital marketing and strategic team plans for exceeding business objectives while ensuring the highest benchmark of customer satisfaction. Before becoming the account director, he was also the senior account manager who handled the key accounts of major agencies like GriupM, IPG Media brand, and more related to online strategies and campaigns. He was also the business development manager for YieldAds Sdn. Bhd.

Fun Facts of

  • Carsome has raised a good amount of funding last year as one of the best Southeast Asia’s car trading platform and has raised its fund to $19 million. According to the founder and CEO of the company, the new funds shall be utilized for hiring new talent and enhance the regional market focusing on Indonesia and Thailand.
  • A very important feature of the company is that it established itself as a “consumer to business” platform which allows car owners to sell their vehicles directly to the dealers online. This ensures a safe and secured legal transfer for the payment and ownership as well, and it gets completed in one day.
  • Another important thing is, the vendors can utilize the platform for checking and evaluating the car valuation data that helps them in gauging a realistic price and avail the best possible deal. There is a bidding system that is utilized by the dealers to make offers on the listed vehicles.
  • A very good thing about Carsome is, it has got its own team of vehicle inspectors that can evaluate and appraise the used cars before they are being advertised on the platform. This enables the sellers to get the right buyer for the car.
  • Since the initiation of the company in 2015, the monthly total transaction value has increased more than fourfold thanks to regular Carsome offers. The total car sale has quadrupled over the same period of time. According to Eric Cheng, the company is going to hit the break-even point by the end of 2019.
  • As mentioned by Eric Cheng, a majority of the used cars do not have a warranty and that is exactly what lowers the confidence of the consumers. Carsome is going to introduce new car financing options and ensure solutions for the warranties.
  • Carsome is targeting the dealers for financing before extending to end customers. The forthcoming warranty program of Carsome will be based on its own vehicle inspection standards. This program will enable in providing confidence to the buyers and revitalize the used-car dealership image in the market.
  • The C2B model of Carsome allows it to cover the valuation, inspection, ownership transfer and ensure payment. This is what separates the company from all of its C2C competitors as well as the B2C portals. The start-up collects the data and analyses it to perform a rapid valuation and inspection for used vehicles that will be submitted for potential sale.

Carsome Return and Exchange policy

As an online car selling platform, Carsome doesn’t have return or exchange policies. The company believes that once a car has been sold, it cannot be exchanged or returned because the car will have a new owner.

Carsome Customer support

For all sorts of queries and questions, you can always get in touch with the customer support team of Carsome. For general queries and any other info, you can contact Carsome at

The phone number of the company is +60374992823. If you want to get in touch with a different branch of the company, you can do that by contacting at +60378878063 which is the contact number of the Selangor centre.

Customers residing at Kuala Lumpur can use the number +60379722800 to get in touch with the Carsome team. If you are looking for marketing collaboration, partnerships or mergers with the company, then you have to get in touch with The contact person for this is Anna.

In case you are looking for dealerships, then you ought to get in touch with Vincent whose email address is

Contact link:


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