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BusOnlineTicket- The Malaysia Online Tour Solution Company

When last did you travel from one destination to another in Malaysia? How easy was it to get helpful and quick solutions for your travel or tour? Didn’t it involve some tiresome exercises? Travel and tours have become an important part of a human’s daily routine. Thousands of people engage in one form of travelling or the other using different modes of transportation to achieve their travel and tour expeditions. In Malaysia, records showed that over 20,000 people embark on travel and tour on a daily basis, either by air flights, road trips, or by water means. So, the use of bus, ferry, train, and aircraft are a daily occurrence. However, obtaining tickets for your travel or tour could be cumbersome and agonizing as you may have to go to the station to physically make inquiries. Alternatively, you may have to engage yourself on an endless surfing several websites on the internet to get the best means of transportation to your destination. This too is time-consuming and may not yield quick results that you desire.  This unpleasant rigorous searching may deprive many potential travellers of many benefits such as travel coupons, coupon codes, coupon discounts, money back offers, and many other exciting offers that you are legitimately entitled to. Busonlinticket.com offers every potential traveller all these benefits which you can access on 36Coupons website.

Ever heard of BusOnlineTickets? Do you know what it does and many benefits it offers you? In this article, you shall be duly informed about what Busonlinticket.com is, and how you can take advantage of the services.

BusOnlineTickets is an online company in Malaysia that makes tickets booking for your travel easy in the comfort of your home. You can easily book your bus tickets, air tickets, ferry tickets, and train tickets online through BusOnlineTickets. In addition, BusOnlineTickets also offers transportation tickets services to some neighbouring countries of Malaysia; such countries include Thailand, Singapore, and Brunei. All offers and discount codes are available on 36Coupons. The BusOnlineTickets website is easy to use for your transportation tickets booking because of the simplicity of its interface which anyone can relate with.

Services offered by busonlineticket.com

Don’t be deceived by our names, we offer far more exclusive transportation ticketing and related services than our name suggests. Busonlineticket.com provides online transportation ticketing services in various categories which include:

Bus Tickets

BusOnlineTicket.com represents the interests of many express bus companies in Malaysia via our ever reliable online services. Our services are a long reach as we make tickets purchase as easy as possible for travellers by offering a seamless ‘all encompassed’ ticketing service to travellers. Our bus ticket services cover intercity, intracity, and cross-border. We provide tickets for almost all the popular destinations (cities and towns) across Malaysia and beyond. We also provide bus tickets for other popular routes between Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Brunei.

Ferry Tickets

Busonlineticket.com is a reliable platform to purchase your tickets for all the popular waterways in Malaysia. Reliability and dependability of our ferry ticketing services have endeared many ferry-travelling lovers to continuously use busonlineticket.com.

Train Tickets

BusOnlineTicket has over the year remained the most trusted and most engaged ticketing agent for the intercity electric train service (KTM ETS) in Malaysia. Buying the KTM Berhad’s online tickets through us is easier because of our well-coordinated ticketing system.

Airport Transfers

In addition to our bus, ferry, and train ticketing services, busonlineticket.com also provide Airport transfers service in Malaysia. You can engage busonline.ticket.com service when heading to, or departing from any of these airports.

Tour packages

BusonlineTickets is versatile in providing tour packages for families, touring groups, tourists and individuals. You will enjoy unlimited well-managed guided tours through this service. Its tour packages include excursions to various destinations within Malaysia. Also, cross-border tour packages are available across Malaysia and to other destinations such as Thailand, Brunei, and Singapore. These tour packages come some enchanting offers such as travel coupons, coupon codes, coupon discounts, money back offers, and BOT miles which you can access through the main website of 36Coupons.

Facts you must know about BusOnlineTicket.com

  • com offers a complete database of all the bus, train and ferry services running in Malaysia.
  • The website interface is easy and simple to navigate on desktops and mobile devices.
  • com make things easy for their customers because it accepts various forms of payment such as Credit card, PayPal, Bank transfer, Cash (via 7-Eleven outlets), Alipay, DBS, and Paylah.
  • It offers cashback benefits to customers through the BOT-Miles scheme.

Busonlineticket.com offers/coupon

BusOnlineticket is consistent in catering for it teaming customers’ needs in every area of their numerous services by providing many enchanting offers. These include the BOT miles, BusOnlineticket travel coupons, coupon code, discount, offers, deals, voucher, promo, cashback and many more.

If you travel regularly using busonlineticket.com to purchase your travel tickets, then you are entitled to BOT-miles. Customers are rewarded with BOT miles offer which allows you to have accumulated points converted to money for your next trip if your trip tickets are purchased via busonlineticket.com.

Every RM1.00 you spend on your ticket Purchase; you earn 1 BOT-Miles. When you have accumulated enough BOT-Miles points, you can redeem discount codes which you can use during your next ticket purchase.

How BOT-Miles account for discount codes

  • When you have accumulated 300 BOT Miles, you earn SGD2.50 / RM6.00
  • When you have accumulated 600 BOT Miles, you earn SGD5.00 / RM12.50
  • For accumulated 1,200 BOT Miles, you earn SGD10.00 / RM25.00
  • And, for 2,000 BOT Miles, you earn SGD20.00 / RM50.00

BusOnlineTickets Tickets Cancellation and Refund Policy

Regrettably, because we represent many major bus operators in providing ticketing services, all ticket bookings busonlineticket.com cannot be cancelled. This means we cannot offer you a refund for ticket cancellation, except if there is a provable technical error on our side. In the case of case of a provable technical error committed by busonlinticket.com, you will be duly refunded within 4-7 weeks.

BusOnlineTickets Customer Support Centre

Busonlinticket.com run a reliable and proactive Customer Support Service which is available 24/7. It is our priority to see that all inquiries are promptly attended to.

You can contact our customer support team by calling:

+65 6385 9511- (Singapore)

+60 (3) 9134 8576 (Malaysia)


Write to our Email: sales@busonlineticket.com


Busonlineticket.com is a complete assemblage of online ticketing services that all travellers can relate to for all modes of transportation needs. You need not to look further for travel and tour solution in Malaysia, avail yourself with the ever-working and ever-reliable services of BusOnlineticket services. Their promotion and coupons are there for you to take advantage of, don’t miss any of these enriching benefits. You can access them via the website of 36Coupons. Be sure that BusOnlineTicket is always ready to give you reliable and quality service. You can book one way, single round-trip, or group tour tickets at busonlineticket.com.