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Top Free Bukalapak Promo Codes

Bukalapak Discount Offer/Validity
Upto 45% off on Mobile Phones applicable to selected smartphones
Upto 80% off on Clothes End of Season Sale – till month end
Save 60% off on Electronics Extra 10% off via credit cards
Flat 30% off on beauty care products Free Shipping + Till month end

Steps to Avail Bukalapak Coupon Codes

  • Go to the search bar of 36coupons.com and search for Bukalapak.
  • Click on the Bukalapak voucher page to open.
  • Choose the best promo offer from the top listed coupons.
  • Just click on the Get Deal to activate the offer & follow the page.

About Bukalapak

Bukalapak is Indonesia’s one of the top marketplace. It acts as an intermediator between seller and buyer. It provides an opportunity for the seller to promote or sell its product on a big platform. It is also super convenient to the buyer as they can buy almost every product on a single site choosing from the wide variety. They provide the products which are not listed in “forbidden goods”. From tickets to food, almost everything is available on this store. You can find food, clothes, gadgets, motor-cycle, tickets, vouchers and so many products. It is a great platform for business. Bukalapak is a trustworthy site which does not allow any seller to sell copied products or to create multiple accounts for more profit. It also keeps its eye on buyers for no fraud transactions. No fraud work can be done as every account on Bukalapak keeps the regular check and also take major actions if found some illegal or unacceptable activities.

Bukalapak founder

Bukalapak was founded in early 2010 by Achmad Jacky and Nugroho Herucahyono. It is an e-commerce company. It is one of the leading online marketplaces in Indonesia. Its headquarter is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is an industry for consumer goods. For a year Bukalapak has been just as limited liability company. In 2011, Bukalapak got additional capital from Batavia Incubator. This capital worked as the first step of success. Later in 2012, it also received additional investment from GREE. Then another investment in 2014, by AUCHAN and on 18, March 2014 Bukalapak finally launched a mobile app for Android. Bukalapak is heading towards more and more success with the period of time. It has been ranked 1th best website in Indonesia along with it has been ranked 10 in the category of shopping website out of 369 other sites in global rank.

Fun facts of Bukalapka

  • Bukalapak is one of the topmost marketplace in India.
  • It is an e-commerce type of site.
  • It was founded by Achmad Jacky.
  • Its headquarter is located in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • It is globally ranked 10 on a global stage.
  • It is a consumer goods website which acts as an intermediator between seller and buyer.
  • It provides the vast number of products from food to gadgets, electronics to motorbikes ..
  • Sales and purchases are done for the goods on which shipping is possible.
  • Availability of almost every product with a wide range.
  • Vouchers which makes shopping more fun and cheaper.
  • Currently, Bukalapak is having over 50 million users.
  • Over 4 million merchants are present for Bukalapak.
  • It is having its merchant in 100 cities.
  • Currently, over 2000 people are working as Its’ employees
  • The reported value of Bukalapak is $1 billion.
  • Gross merchandise volume of this brand is $270 million.

Bukalapak Bank Offers & Payment Mode

As much as the options and varieties of products are available on the site, similarly options of the payment are also available. You can pay to Bukalapak via VISA or Mastercard. BukaDompet, mandiri, ClickPay, BCA klickpay, CIMB clicks, CIMB Niaga mobile account, Indomaret, mandiri E-cash or bank transfers are also the options for payment. bukaDompet is Bukalapak’s own virtual wallet which makes transactions more hassle-free and convenient. Also, you might get an additional discount or another attractive offer which covert shopping into more fun. For payment through CIMB clicks, BCA Klickpay, you should be an individual registered user. Along with it your purchase should be above IDR 10,000. For payment via Mandiri clickpay, you have to be registered user their you have to fill up the form provided to you and then your transaction will take place. And if the payment will be done by Mandiri e-cash then you must be a registered user. You have to make make sure that your balance is sufficient. The minimum IDR is 0 and the maximum IDR is 300,000 for each transaction. For making the payment you also need to give your mobile number on which OTP will be given to you along with that you will get a link which will help you to proceed the payment and after providing details confirmation page will appear with the button “pay”. For the ones who will pay through transfer, a small verification process will be done by giving you a form. After the submission of that form, your payment will be received. Bukalapak always comes up with various vouchers and offers. You can enjoy the latest and exciting offers by going through the site 36coupons.com

Following are the glimpses

  • Get 68% off on the beauty and health products of Ramadan.
  • On Mondays use CIMB Niaga and get discount IDR 15,000.
  • Bukalapak vouchers provide 35% off on camera and accessories.
  • Get 30,000 discount everywhere for flight tickets.
  • 80% SD discount on fashion.
  • Get up to 20% discount on snack mirmer.

You don’t need to worry until and unless the transaction is done for Bukalapak. It is 100% trustworthy site along with that it also helps you to get the deal in the minimum price and with the best quality.

Bukalapak Return & Exchange Policy

If you are not satisfied with the product which you asked for. You can easily find a complaint regarding it. Bukalapak is completely responsible for the product which you get. You are given 2×24 hours service after receiving your parcel. You will get an email regarding this parcel until you won’t click “save and forward money to deliver ‘’. Your money will not be transferred. If you are a registered user then you can easily go through the site, check transaction details, go through the product bill and click on ‘complain’ button and fill your problem. If you are an unregistered user then go through the e-mail which you get while confirming of delivery of the product. You will receive a feedback mail too. Which will give you the option of “complain”. The buyer does not get the option of cancellation once the product’s order is confirmed. If the money transaction has proceeded then you need to get the permission of the high authority of this site but if not then you might call it the service centre and cancel your product. You can also cancel your product and unpaid transacted product by going to the page of the product, choosing the option “transaction details” then you can find the option of cancellation of product.

Bukalapak Customer Contact

It has the most active and responsive help. You can contact us for enquiry, advise, details. Since Bukalapak act as intermediator SD, it will help you to the best. You can contact us anytime. We are happy to help you 24 hours. Also, you can be in contact with us through social media and stay updated for the latest deals and products. Following are the contact details of Bukalapak.

Contact Phone no: 021-50813333

Website: www.bukalapak.com




It is one of the leading marketplaces in Indonesia. It has been working as an intermediator between seller and buyer. Its advices the dealer best deals. Almost every kind of product is available here. From buying food, clothes, gadgets, musical instruments to bikes. It has been one of the most profitable and up going online store. It is 100% trustworthy sites as it works at it’s level best. It’s most active and responsive service make it more convenient. Since, people get instant reply for their queries and so on. No fraud or misuse of money can be done. Since, Bukalapak does not let buyer and seller to interact directly so there is hardly any chance of spam. If you want to sell your product then you have to go through verifications process and similarly done with the sellers. If any of them found cheating or fraud then they are kept in the category of blacklisted along with that strict actions are taken such as blocking their account. Removing it from the site etc.