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About Braun Buffel

When you think of the highest quality leather bags, shoes, purses, etc., crafted in Germany, only one name comes to mind – Braun Buffel. Emerging as one of the most successful brands of leather bags and accessories, the company has come a long way in becoming a global symbol of fashion style, strength and dependability. The designer bags are really loved by the top order executives, favoured by travellers and also renowned fashionistas fancy them having by their side. Starting from Singapore to Moscow, the Braun Buffel leather bag creations has set up a benchmark of the brand’s extraordinary craftsmanship, an uncompromising appeal and the legacy of excellence. If you’re interested in availing some exclusive Braun Buffel promo codes, then keep reading.

Mentioning about the legacy of the company, the brand is more than 132 years old and the business has been running for four generations! The Braun family has not only brought a transformation on the style and looks of German leather, but the company has initiated a global passion for fine leather goods. With each generation, there have been innovations and imaginative changes on the leather bags and accessories manufactured and designed by the company. Braun Buffel might be a century-old company, but it has certainly kept up with the pace of contemporary fashion, requirements and evolving trends of the present day.

Founder of Braun Buffel

Braun Buffel was founded by Johann Braun. He started the company at the tender age of 26. Being extremely motivated and dedicated toward his dreams, he made sure to transform his dreams into reality. One of the most important factors that intrigued Johann to start this company was the abundance of natural resources bundled in Kirn, Germany. With the opulence of natural resources, Johann established a crafts enterprise as a master saddler and upholsterer.

The company was started on 27th July 1887. That was the day when a legacy was born. When the first set of Braun Buffel leather bags were manufactured and designed, Johann had little idea that those bags would become a fashion statement to innumerable people in Germany and the world over. Over the years, the company has been able to maintain its true traditional heritage, excellent craftsmanship, functionality, reliability and evolved itself into a renowned store of elegance and timeless luxury.

Fun Facts of Braun Buffel

Speaking of Braun Buffel, here are some interesting facts to know about the company –

  • One of the most interesting facts about the company is the logo itself. The logo is more than just a symbol of power; the buffalo is a representation of strength and dependability. The very quality that every single customer around the world would appreciate.
  • The brand didn’t stop at creating only leather bags and accessories. It portrayed its excellence in crafting extraordinary watches for men and women. With meticulous artisans and experienced professionals, Braun Buffel has created a fascinating range of timepieces.
  • The mantra that the company followed to ensure continued growth is to ‘keep changing’. According to the boss of Braun Buffel, we as human beings, tend to stay with something that we know and sometimes most people are not open to changes. But changes are extremely important to survive.
  • The leather used by Braun Buffel varies a lot. This is due to the varying climate and preferences in different parts of the world. For instance, the leather that is used for the products to be sold in Asia undergoes special treatment and tailored according to customer preferences and climate.
  • The company has also embraced the emerging e-commerce trends. It has rolled out the online retail platform in Asia. The company is constantly evolving to include internet retail marketing plans and distribution channels.
  • The company has also opened a flagship boutique in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands. This one is a 1500 sq. ft. store that comprises Braun Buffel’s trademark leather bags and bespoke leather armchairs in the lounge area. The leather armchairs are the first to roll out in the world.
  • Even though the company appreciates change, still the well-established leather goods manufacturer prefers to stick to their own pace. While trying to do things, the company wants to do it perfectly instead of doing too much.
  • The company has more than 200 retail touch points in China and they are extremely keen on certain locations in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. But their strategy is not to overdo things and this is exactly why they are not under a lot of pressure.
  • The Spring Summer 2005 range of Braun Buffel introduced a unique range of leather shoes that was known as “Schuhwerk”. This brand new range of shoes included both men’s and women’s footwear for leisure and work.
  • After the launch of Schuhwerk, the brand also introduced Braun Buffel eyewear to the Asia-Pacific region in the year 2006. Right after that, in 2008, the brand extended its product line to incorporate the range of menswear which was the Braun Buffel Apparel.

Braun Buffel Cancellation and Exchange

Coming to cancellation and exchange, if a customer wants to cancel or exchange any product, then it should be done within 14 days of purchase. In exchange, the company will either offer the specific product or online credits will be transferred to the account used to make the payment. The customer needs to make sure that the returned product is in absolutely new condition along with the original receipt. The specific Braun Buffel offers availed at the time of purchase are bound by their respective terms and conditions.

For exchanges, there will be no cash refund, instead, the product will be replaced, or online credits will be transferred to the account to be used for the next purchase. All the cancellations, returns and exchanges should be accompanied by email notification. The returns are centrally processed, and they are not accepted at the retail outlets.

Braun Buffel Customer Support

The company has got a pro-active customer support operation in place. For all your queries and tailored requirements, any customer can get in touch with the company by filling up the customer information form. For any other feedback or enquiries, you can get in touch at

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