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About Bookmundi

Travelling offers us to unwind and re-energize ourselves from monotonous daily life. Travelling to certain places of our dream makes us feel really special. The experience that we can gather by travelling to different places can really enrich our lives. On that note, here is a company that can help you in making smooth travel plans and make sure you have a really memorable tour. Bookmundi is Denmark-based travel booking portal where you can get your travel bookings done easily. The details of a tour, that include day to day tours, fixed group departures, holidays & vacation tour packages across different cities around the world, all are shared transparently.

It cannot be denied that booking the right tours and holiday package at present has become a very troublesome task. Even though it can be done digitally, still the process is time-consuming, especially if you are new to it. There are a lot of factors involved. You need to know which tour operator is qualified, what is the right price, whether your money is safe or not, whether the reviews are genuine or not. With the help of Bookmundi, you can enjoy a painless and hassle-free tour booking service and also make use of Bookmundi coupons to get discounts on the travel packages. Another important feature of Bookmundi is the portals and the technicians involved in the platform make sure that they give you a safe way for the customers to pay for the tours around the world.

Founder of Bookmundi

The founder of Bookmundi is Rasmus Juul-Olsen. He is the founder and also the CEO of which is one of the most advanced travel booking platforms based in Denmark. Before initiating the travel booking business, he was the founder of Cloud Studio IVS which is also an IT company that specializes in developing online business applications, 3D models, and Google Optimization. He is also the founder of which is a sophisticated portal that features the best trekking and climbing companies in Nepal, India, Tanzania, and Peru.

Apart from helping trekkers to find the best trekking companies, that platform has additional functionalities that include forums and communicative discussion panels. He completed his education in finance from the Copenhagen Business School, HD finance. He completed a course on Shipping and Logistics from the Maersk International Shipping Education for 2 years. He also did a Graduate Acceleration Programme and 3 years of Self Leadership Talent Programme from A.P Moller Maersk.

Fun Facts of Bookmundi

  • One of the best features of Bookmundi is it offers tours that are delivered by qualified and licensed professionals. These tours are supported by unbiased and genuine customer reviews. With genuine customer reviews and feedbacks, customers can rest assured that they get the best price guaranteed for all the tours that are being offered to them.
  • Bookmundi is going to cover for all the credit card fees and they won’t charge any extra fees on top of it. So, all of the customers can enjoy authentic charges for their tours and travels.
  • A very important aspect of Bookmundi is the technicians and professionals working with Bookmundi will connect all the customers directly with a local travel expert all over the world where you plan to visit. They have a very strong network of trustworthy agents that can ensure a customized tour package including all the local travel advice.
  • When it is about getting multiday tour segment, Bookmundi has launched the “Get Travel Quotes” feature. With this feature, the travellers will get 5 free and unbinding trip offers from qualified travel companies.
  • This free feature is already active in different places that include Tanzania, treks of Nepal, Kilimanjaro and also the famous Everest base camp. Bookmundi processes every enquiry internally and the tour quotes arrive in 4-6 hours.
  • When the customer receives customized travel quotes in one place, the customers can either directly book for what they are looking for or they can choose a travel company and engage with them for the tour and travel plans.
  • The goal of the company is to make sure that the customers have swift access to the most competitive travel deals that are delivered by licensed and professional travel companies.

Bookmundi Cancellation and Exchange Policy

When it comes to the cancellation policy, if you have made a payment and the supplier didn’t accept the booking within 48 hours, then the charged amount will be credited back to the account holder. Considering all the payments made on Bookmundi in connection to booking a product, these payments will also be covered by the financial travel guarantee made by the Danish Travel Fund. But any payments that are made directly to the supplier will not be covered by the Danish Travel Fund.

If you have not made any payment for the booked product and if the credit card is revoked, then your claim to receive the product will be cancelled. This will be regarded as a cancellation and the buyer will be provided with a complete refund for the cancellation. But once the payment is made, the customer has to show up at the specified date and time as well. If the customer is not able to come up to the scheduled date and time, then it will be regarded as a no-show and the full payment will still be deducted. Thus, there cannot be any cancellation at that time. There is no exchange policy at Bookmundi.

Bookmundi Customer support

Speaking of customer support, this company is very much active with its users. You will be able to get in touch with the company executives through email or phone numbers. Fill up the form present on the website with your contact details and query, and a specific project manager will get in touch with you. Or you can also opt for the phone numbers shown below –

Denmark: +45-8082-6045, USA: +1347-318-4887, Japan: +813-4540-5834

The company can also be found at:

Bookmundi ApS

Elmegade 22 Thisted, 7700 Denmark




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