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About BolehCompare

BolehCompare is one of the most reliable names in Malaysia for financial comparisons of various products, insurances, credit cards and many more. Like their tagline says, search and save, it lets you find many products based on your needs and helps you compare amongst many brands or products which is done by filtration that you choose based on your requirements. The categories in which they offer services are Telco, devices, banks, and insurances.

1)    TELCO: They offer three kinds of services in telco, i.e., broadband connection, post-paid plans bundle, and post-paid plans (sim only).

  1. Broadband connection: there are three categories in broadband bundles, namely, mobile broadband, fiber broadband, and business broadband. Based on your choice, Boleh compare will list out the best available plans providing information on factors such as Contract period, the quota of data available, the maximum speed of each particular program and the cost incurred of the respective plans.
  2. The second plan is the mobile post-paid bundle which means you can pair the phones and compare the prices of various projects based on the model of the phone. Find the suitable plans for your phone, analyse and apply immediately.
  3. The third plan that is the post-paid plan (sim only), you can compare by monthly commitment, i.e., your monthly budget, the next filter is the name of the top service providers that you can choose. The following comparison is based on the data quota you need ranging from 1 Gigabyte to 5 Gigabyte and above and the final comparing factor will the duration you need the connection or.  Based on these filters comparisons will be listed down providing all the necessary information about the plan and you can choose the best policy as per your needs and can apply for the same immediately


Compare the best available mobile phones based on the mobile brand, device type, screen size, camera quality, the technology used and memory of the phone. Complete and most accurate details of all the phones are readily available on the Boleh Compare website. Filter as per your needs and choices and find the best suitable phone. Compare amongst hundreds of devices free of cost and buy a suitable gadget for yourself.

3)    BANK:

This category offers services like credit cards, home loans, and personal loans. Search amongst hundreds of credit card plans based on categories like dining, low interest, cash back, travel, petrol and many more. You can compare based on your required type, choosing features like balance transfer, annual fee and interest fee and apply immediately. Apply for personal and home loans by money to be borrowed and the period which will be further sub-categorized to effective rates, base rates, amount to be repaid monthly, etc.


Get your cars covered within minutes at the leisure of sitting at your homes at most affordable prices. Buy or renew your car insurance with hassle-free steps at Boleh Compare. Similarly get health insurances from the best available insurance companies.

Find, compare and apply and get the best of plans in just three simple steps.

Boleh Compare Founder

Founded in February 2016, by Sze Kok Hoong, their sole aim was to help people understand and compare the various financial products thus helping them to invest in the right path. Boleh Compare is being considered one of the most powerful companies offering the most precise financial comparisons. Their mission is to help you find, compare and identify the right products quickly at most affordable prices thus preventing you from wasting your time as well as money. Their comparison tools are integrated with the latest technology that gives the most accurate results that can be easily relied on.

Fun facts of BolehCompare

1)    Find compare and buy products, insurances, credit cards and much more in just 3 easy steps.

2)    Their price comparison services are absolutely free of cost!

3)    Find and compare ample products of various services at one single destination.

4)    BolehCompare along with offer amazing discounts and signup offers.

BolehCompare Bank offers

Bolehcompare accepts almost all kinds of modern-day digital payments via safest payment gateways thus preventing from unauthorized access of your confidential data or credentials.

BolehCompare Return and Exchange Policy

On infrequent occasions, on receiving the wrong or damaged goods, all you have to do is keep the product ready along with the received invoice and contact the customer care and their interactive and responsive customer care team will take care of the further process. The refund process will be initiated within as quickly as 48 hours.

BolehCompare Customer Contact Help Desk

Phone No: 010 – 258 5888

Email Id: [email protected]

Official Site:


Believed to be the most reliable financial comparison service providers, Boleh compare aims to help you find the right products at the right time at affordable prices. Their information on products and services are always updated. For more offers, discount vouchers and coupons, visit