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About Bitdefender

Bitdefender is one of the leading and most popular name in the global market for their cybersecurity anti-virus, end-point security, and anti-malware services. They are the most skilled team with 600 plus engineers and cybersecurity experts that are capable of detecting any virus or ransomware in as quick as just 3 seconds! Bitdefender develops most cost-efficient and user-friendly anti-malware and antivirus programs with minimal installation steps thus saving you a great deal of time. Bitdefender offers two distinct kinds of services namely Bitdefender Home and Bitdefender Business. Bitdefender home is for your personal use such as protection of personal computers, protection of MACs, and Android protection for mobile phones. They offer plans like small office security that provides total protection of all kinds of operating systems like Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android. With the help of Bitdefender’s security for smart home is designed for protecting all types of devices connected in your house with a unique feature called parental control. The latest plan of Bitdefender is the Bitdefender Total Security 2019 that provides overall protection for all the operating systems, special anti-malware features, with improved parental control features. Bitdefender for business offer services namely Endpoint Security that protects the network of your businesses when connected remotely to other devices, Datacentre Security that prevents your data from any unauthorized access, and protection from cyber threats that helps to keep your activities away from ransom wares and malware. Bitdefender offers 30-day free trial of their anti-virus programs to give their customers a brief idea of their services before investing their money.

Bitdefender Founder

Founded in the year 2001, the man behind this venture is Florin Talpeş, and it is headquartered at Bucharest, Romania. It is one of the most reliable anti-viruses and cybersecurity service providers that saves your system or businesses from any cyber-attacks and data compromise. The founder who is also the CEO of Bitdefender has put together the best teams of cybersecurity experts and engineers who develop the most reliable and secure encryption methods and anti-malware software to keep your confidential data safe. They aim to keep systems away from the cyber attackers who enter your system through malicious codes and link even without your notice. Bitdefender does not just focus on large-scale businesses, they cover ranging from large scale and small scale or entry-level companies, as well as individual level, i.e., for personal use because they understand the importance of data security. Their services are incredibly user-friendly and can be used by one and all. You can get all the useful information on their support website, helping people worldwide understand the importance of cybersecurity.

Fun facts of Bitdefender

  • Bitdefender’s secure cybersecurity software has over 500 million users all over the world.
  • Bitdefender ranked 5th in the year August 2018 amongst the cybersecurity service providers in the global market.
  • Along with, Bitdefender offers discount vouchers and coupons.
  • They provide anti-malware and security services ranging from large-scale businesses to personal use.
  • Bitdefender’s software is easy to use, install and maintain.
  • They attend security queries as massive as 11 billion all over the world, per day!
  • Bitdefender is presently serving 150 countries worldwide.

Bitdefender Payment Mode & Bank Offers

Bitdefender accepts almost all kind of modern day digital payments. You can pay through the safest payment website powered by Bitdefender to protect the confidential information of their customers known as Bitdefender Safepay. It is a website designed for the protection of your online banking data and other sensitive details safe from hackers. Bitdefender along with releases several banks offers regularly offering huge discounts. Stay tuned on to avail all the mind-blowing offers before they expire.

Bitdefender Cancellation & Returns Policy

It is doubtful that the customers will face any dissatisfaction. But if that is the case, Bitdefender offers a refund within 30 days of buying the product. All you have to do is fill a contact form, and Bitdefender’s 24*7 customer support will reach you in no time. In cases where a refund is not applicable, Bitdefender’s customer support is always available to solve all your issues and improve the quality of the service. You can anytime cancel the monthly or yearly subscription online for further month or year.

Bitdefender Customer Contact Help Desk


Nowadays malware, cyber-attacks, ransomware, etc. have increased to a great extent. There are hackers everywhere waiting to seize your data; thus your businesses need an end to end encryption to save your data from getting hacked. Cyberattack leads to various cybercrimes and consequences can be irreparable. Bitdefender’s reliable cybersecurity services will ensure the safety of your data and will prevent any data compromise and cyber-attacks. Apart from the most affordable prices that Bitdefender offer services at, you can find discount vouchers, and amazing penny-saving offers via So, hurry up and grab the chance to avail discounts!