Flat 10% off on Abu Dhabi Hotels

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Offer valid on almosafer.com website. offer applicable on booking of...Show Description
Coupon/Promo Details:
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  • offer applicable on booking of Abu Dhabi Hotels.
  • minimum hotels booking amount not required.
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7% off on Summer Holiday

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  • minimum booking amount required for the summer holiday.
  • choose and book your summer holiday for any destination.
  • maximum discount is 7% from the booking amount.
  • Almosafer coupon code not required.
  • Simply, Activate the Almosafer deal and follow the page.
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Flat 5% discount on Flights, Hotels & Holiday Packages

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Gulf Air Flights Starts from SAR 982

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Ethiopian Airlines Lowest Fares Starting from SAR 1,094

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Top Free Almosafer Offer & Coupons

Category Almosafer Discount Validity
International flight offers Flat 30% off (for the user) Till Month End
Domestic flight offers Flat 25% off Till Month End
holiday packages Flat 7% discount Till Month End
Rush offer Up to AED 130 off Ongoing

Steps to Avail Almosafer Promo Code

  • Go to the search bar of 36coupons.com and search for Almosafer.
  • Click on the Almosafer coupons page to open.
  • Choose the best promo offer from the top listed coupons.
  • Just click on the Get Deal to activate the offer & follow the page.

Almosafer – Your Global Flight Tickets Booking!

Have you been searching for a flight coupon to make your next booking? Are you looking for an online travel agency that will tender discount and cashback on both domestic and global flight tickets booking? Then you should approach Almosafer online travel agency. They are the best portal to offer all that your needs are.

If you are to book a flight for air journey, business, leisure or holiday at Almosafer, your travel will be the best trip ever. This portal knows exactly how to make their users happy. With them, you can reach your favourite areas in the world. You can book a ticket for travelling to anyway in the world through this website, without getting any problem.  You can’t just book an air ticket at Almosafer, but you can book a hotel too. Almosafer aim is to make the word “travel” as easy as can be. Also, you are allowed to compare their prices with other portals, receive various kinds of travel-related data, rules of numerous airlines, and find available seats and many kinds of stuff on this website.

About Almosafer

The Saudi online travel portal Almosafer was founded in the year 2013. They enable their users to have all the enjoyment they wished with the experience of booking both hotels and flights. Almosafer has more than 2 million hotels worldwide. You are always free to make your bookings through their social media channels, application centres, call centres, and websites. They let their users who don’t have money but needs to travel urgently book tickets and pay later on.

They have more than 300 workers who were properly trained; these employees are always on shift to make the Almosafer users get an unforgettable experience. They are a team that focuses on getting the premium prices in the whole world and also at the destinations that are frequently demanded by their users. Almosafer makes sure that they tender the highest in quality stuff to be trusted by their users.

With Almosafer.com, you will get lots of hotel deals and offers. They do this to ensure that you get the greatest hospitality experience with cheap packages too. Almosafer.com portal has the premium town hotels with last minute bookings. This brand is well-known for its provision of comfortable apartments, single, duplex, and shared rooms. If you are searching for the best hotel that is as comfortable as ever but affordable in price, then approach the Almosafer.com. They have lots of affordable and luxurious hotels in different places such as Ajyad hotel, Marriott, MOVENPICK, Alshohada hotel Zowar international, etc.

Just know that you are making the right decision for your travel once you book your tickets from Almosafer.com.

The Services Almosafer Offers to Their Users

Almosafer products and services are created to help their users with their booking needs and prices. Many retail and corporate agencies via online travel agencies grow in efficiency and increase productivity by using their products and services. Some of their services are:

  • Free tracker: this is their every-week free newsletter consisting of latest and relevant fare data. It has complete helpful data like new ticket releases, promos you can win, ticketing reminders, and significant fare changes! It is only valid for all Almosafer users who want to subscribe to it.
  • The Almosafer offers its users that have accredited airline tickets workshops. Their team of coaches covers different topics, including circle fares or tickets, international airfare guidance, European tickets, round the clock or world tickets, and how to make use of their smart products. The workshops are apprehended in all cities, some district centres and through WebEx. Guidance outside their office is planned on the application.
  • Almosafer offers a possible credit card business facility for its users’ faring convenience. By selecting the Almosafer business alternative, you may integrate an NYOP charge or fee of about 30% of the price of your fare. Money back allows you to add your same charge or fee to be subtracted out of the card repayment, instead of depositing for a payment recall.
  • As more of Almosafer users increase their online attendance and tender booking ability to their platforms, Almosafer has made robotic ticketing. This equipment gives their customer’s prices as they finalize their online booking on the Almosafer portals in some second at any time of the day.
  • Wouldn’t you like to give your price its own name? Price assistance charges with confidence through Almosafer elite NYOP. This offers you the full management of your costing; making it able to create an e-ticket schedule with your ultimate sell fee on the user’s modified e-ticket receipt.

Almosafer founder

The CEO and the establisher of the almighty Almosafer is MR. Farooq Aljiraisy. He started this company to grant individuals awesome experience. He knew that there were lots of airlines already before he started but his aim of establishing this company is to fulfil the wishes of the people. Many people always wished to travel abroad and near, stay in comfortable hotels but they prices or fares of airlines and hotel made them stay away from travel and just wished travel was cheaper. Mr Farooq Aljiraisy decided to help them out, even above their expectation. The Almosafer before was just a mere dream, but now it’s in reality. All thanks to Mr Farooq.

Almosafer Saving Tips

Below are the saving hints on how you can save yourself from too many charges.

  • Let the offer page on Almosafer website be always visited so that you’ll be updated on recent offers as well as information. See if they will allow stacking a code on any on-going sales.
  • Download the available application for any notification on Almosafer coupon and discounts too.
  • The app is free of charge, so you don’t need to worry over anything.
  • Sign up to get a newsletter new stuff, exciting offers, and tips.
  • Another they offer is Almosafer promo codes. This code will help you in your bookings for business, and economy class travels to any place’ you need to bring your bank credit card so that you can enjoy all promotional offers.



Almosafer has made it easy for you to travel out; it is now left for you to do little requirements needed to be done. The website knows exactly how to make individuals happy. Don’t you want to fly around the world? This is the best way to do it! The Almosafer created their coupons and promo codes to give additional help to you. Hope you have known a lot of things about these coupons and promo codes and how they help to avail discounts, also remember the 36coupons.com website was also mentioned.

This 36coupons is the key website to all coupons and promo code, they double your discounts with this you will be able to save a considerable amount of money. Keep on using their coupons and keep saving at any flight or hotel you book. What are you hesitating for? Grab this wonderful opportunity and enjoy your trip.