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Sale Ends on 31-May-2019
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Airtickets- The Ultimate Website for Ease In Flight Booking

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All About is an online trip, journey or travel agency, aimed at giving quality assistance to customers. They aim at assisting its customers in finding and booking hotel accommodations, transfer, and car rentals. Other engagements include tour activities as well as flight ticket booking globally. Their goals include making sure that customers achieve excellent experience. Innovative offers and services involve locating, planning, and buying the perfect items or services at the lowest price. Their team is made up of experienced expert agents that have excellent ideas on journey or travel business. They know the unique requirements of modern travels, and they make sure they meet up with it. For over 60 years, has been the provider of ticketing assistance and the leading airfare. works under the control of the Airticket Tourist Assistance or services S. A. They accumulated more than 14 years of expertise, knowledge, and experience in giving travel assistance. This has an important part to play in the establishment of online travel in the south-eastern part of Europe. They operate via local portals with 15 extra states such as;

  • Italy,
  • Poland,
  • Germany,
  • Albania,
  • France,
  • Turkey,
  • the Czech Republic,
  • The United States,
  • Greece,
  • Romania,
  • The United Kingdom,
  • China,
  • India,
  • Russia,
  • And recently Australia

The Airtickets Tourist’s Assistance or Services certifies top travel assistance. They offer suitable prices as well as excellent customer-assistance. Book a flight ticket, hotel or rent a car in total convenience and safety with reliable services. They have ensured that you’ll be absolutely satisfied. Have a great trip!

The Services Airtickets.Com Offers to Customers goods and services are fashioned to help their users with their ticketing needs and fares. Many retail and corporate agencies, including the Online Journey Agents, grow in efficiency and productivity by using certain services:

  • Free tracker is their every-week free newsletter consisting of latest and relevant fare data. It has helpful data like new ticket releases, promos you can win, ticketing reminders, and crucial fare changes! It is valid for all customers who want to subscribe to it.
  • The offers their customers’ possessing accredited airline tickets, workshops. Their team of coaches covers different topics, including circle fares or tickets. International airfare guidance, European tickets, round the clock or world tickets, the use of their smart products are offered too. The workshops are apprehended in all cities, some district centres and through WebEx. Guidance outside their office is planned on the application.
  • com offers a possible credit card business facility for their customers’ faring convenience. By selecting the business alternative, you may integrate an NYOP charge or fee of about 25% of the price of your fare. Money back allows you to add your same charge or fee to be subtracted out of the card repayment, instead of depositing for a payment recall.
  • Owing to the rapid increase in customers their online attendance and tender booking ability to their platforms has raised too, has created robotic ticketing. This equipment gives their customer’s fare to finish their online booking on the websites in some seconds at any time.
  • Wouldn’t you like to give your price its own name? Price assistance charges with confidence through elite NYOP. This allows you full management of your costing. It makes creating an e-ticket schedule with sell fee on the customer’s modified e-ticket receipt easy.

The Founder of Airtickets.Com

The founder of is Dimitris Kontogeorgos. He is the chief executive officer. The financial part of the company was controlled by Mr. Karanikas Georgios. He helped Dimitris a lot in reducing the firm’s expenses to maximize their income.

Fun Facts About Airtickets.Com

  • Several airlines give their pilots a rule to eat a different food so that it will reduce their chances of falling ill after being boarded.
  • 1/3rd of the whole world’s airports are located in the United States.
  • The 1st flight assistants must be 115 pounds in weight, unmarried and well-trained nurses.
  • The online check-in was launched first in 1999 by Alaskan Airlines.
  • A Boeing 747 consists of 6,000,000 parts.
  • The highest speed of the Boeing 747 is about 955 km/h.
  • In the year 1936, the dirigible Hindenburg gave amusement in the form of a keyboard resort, smoking, dining rooms, and bars while on their nearly three days voyage between America-Europe.
  • In the year 2011, the Heathrow Airport took care of the 64, 434, 231 passengers. An ease in your bookings at a great discount!

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