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AirMalta – For Your Safe Journey!!!

Are you in search of the Airmalta Coupons? Visit for a 100% suitable Airmalta promo Code, and grab effective and exciting deals, offers, promo codes and coupons for Airmalta. But first of all, you should know significant things about this almighty Airmalta is the nationalized airways of Maltese Island respectively. It engages Malta to various nations for better or rather best. It offers Maltese citizens contented, convenient, and cheap holiday packages. It offers about 40 destinations in countries such as North Africa, Europe, and Middle-East.

The most amazing part of this is that Airmalta doesn’t only offer a flight to its clienteles but as well offer hotels to them. Airmalta website is more than informative and user-friendly too. The Airmalta also have a protected and secured payment platform and they recognize all most important systems of payment. Do you actually want your next tour booking to be smooth, safe, enjoyable and hassle-free? If so, book your flight with Airmalta through Airmalta codes from respectively.

About Airmalta

Airmalta a Malta international airport was founded in the year 1973 like about 45 years ago. Not long after the Second World War, various little private airports were conducted in Malta. Among them were the Malta Instone airports, BAS (Malta) limited, and Malta airlines. In 1947 the previous two portals combined to form air Malta ltd in brutal competition with the latter. Unfortunately in 1951 Malta airlines engrossed the functions of air Malta limited and carried on with the operation through an agreement with BEA till the year 1973. The initiators and owners of Airmalta made use of the real estate, worker and instrument to create a ground handling portal known as MAS, Malta aviation services.

Not late in the 1970 years the Maltese government chose Albert Mizzi as Chairman of the Airmalta airline and made a call for a global airport partner to assist in setting up an airline. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) then considered as Asia’s ideal airport was elected and a novel transporter set up. The name appointed for the novel airport was exact to that of its precursors, Air Malta Co Ltd, and was founded on March 31, 1973. BEA was contracted to carry on its Malta processes, this point for Airmalta, in anticipation of Air Malta’s initial flight on 1 April 1974. Both Malta Aviation Services and Malta Airlines were collected and conducted by the administration of the government and the private initiators and owners were offered with a shareholding in Air Malta Company Limited. Air Malta processing acts, via two wet charter Boeing 720Bs that worked for Rome, Manchester, Frankfurt, Tripoli, London, and Paris from Malta. It afterwards purchased three more Boeing 720Bs and purchased the unique two.

In the year 1981, 3 Boeing 737–200 were wet charted, which were so victorious that in 1983, three novels completely owned Boeing 737-200 were transported. In the year 1986, Air Malta purchased three novels Boeing 737-200, and in the year 1987 prepared its initial Airbus A320. In the year 1989, Air Malta used an alternative for one more A320, and in the year 1992, it launched three more Boeing 737–300 and 4 Avro RJ70 were requested for roads to Catania and Palermo and to novel destinations like Tunis and Monastir.

Founders of AirMalta

Airmalta being one of the top Malta global airlines started it services a long time before its launching. It all started when three smaller airways merged but it was then privately owned. Later on, in 1973, the Maltese government took interest in it and decided to set it up, placing the private owners with shareholding. That is why you see the largest travel company – Airmalta today. The founder and directors are the Maltese government. Airmalta never stopped amazing people and it is still doing it best to make it clients happy and satisfied with their services. People recommend and give Airmalta great reviews every day because of the awesome services. The Maltese government didn’t just stop in the Airmalta flight service but they as well extended and expanded the services which aid to make Airmalta great today. They offer hotel services and car rental services.

Fun facts of Airmalta

  • In between 2002 and 2007, Airmalta embarked upon a fleet replacement programme, opting to alter all aircraft to Airbus A319s and A320s.
  • Airmalta had around 200 interline ticketing agreements with other IATA airlines
  • Airmalta has uncountable destinations listed for their clientele. So you could possibly go to any place you wish with Airmalta.
  • In June 2017, the lately appointed minister for tourism had announced the air Malta requires to be restructured. This was confirmed by the new chairman appointed by the government.
  • Airmalta is headquartered at Luqa and has lots of destination to offer its clients.
  • The airline does only render flight services but it also renders car rental service and hotel services as well.
  • Air Malta began operations, with two wet chartered Boeing 720Bs that works for Rome, Tripoli, London, Manchester, Frankfurt, and Paris from Malta. It later purchased three extra Boeing 720Bs and purchased the novel and unique two

AirMalta Customer Support Info.

AirMalta Cancellation and Refund policy

Airmalta has refund and cancellation rules policy but it’s as well depends on the class and the time for the changing and cancelling. Every flight class is absolutely charged via administration fee with RP 50.000. – Even if the client is a frequent flight member (FF member). The FF member will simply not be charged for cancellation fee in less than 24 hours. Once you cancel your ticket whether domestic or international booking after 2 days your will charged for it.


With Airmalta airline you will enjoy your holiday tour. They strive to make people live conveniently and comfortably in the world.  And they also have tight schedules that would let you have fun.  Holiday is always a short time. This little period of your holiday should have exclusive memories. You should make your holiday trip memorable and great by booking your flight at Airmalta airline. It was designed to make you enjoy a nice rest and make you have the best holiday you have ever imagined. They have many packages they will offer you to make your trip memorable and amazing, reasonable payment. Just have in mind that the company will assist you via the ideal Airmalta promo codes in the The mighty 36coupons offers great codes for your tour. Book your ticket flight, hotel, and car rental now and chose a promo code from the 36coupons portal!