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Flat 20% Cashback on food Order using Amazon Pay

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Junk Food- The food for the soul

Junk food can be justifiably called the food for the soul as it satisfies the irresistible cravings for deliciousness. Packed with a yummy punch of flavours and a stomach- full of happiness, even the thought of burgers, pizzas, tacos and roasted wings makes your mouth water uncontrollably. Junk food tends to create irresistible temptations resulting in regular impulse buying that may cost you a fortune. 36coupons understands your concerns and thereby brings to you the best and latest junk food coupons to help you satisfy all your cravings without burning big holes in your pockets.

Advantages of using Discount coupons for online food orders:

  1. Cashback: Meals are a necessity that you must consume at least a minimum of 3 times a day! Given the variety and tempting options of cuisines and junk food available in the market, your heart will always crave for more every time. Using a promo code that offers cashback is an extremely profitable way of ensuring that you always have reserve balance in your wallet dedicated specifically for food. This makes it easier to plan your spending and manage your food budget.
  2. Free buys: Imagine you are craving for a cheese burst pizza and you also receive a choco lava cake that too free of cost, who would ever mind a double bonanza? That’s what junk food vouchers help you achieve. Why opt for less when you can receive more in the same price!
  3. Discounts: Save extra each time you order your favourite junk food item! Yes, that’s possible in today’s era of digital. Discount promo codes to the rescue, these codes shall ensure that you save more on every purchase of your favorite food item.
  4. Free delivery: Busy life and hectic schedules make it difficult to actually go out and satisfy your craving for a particular food item. But when you think about ordering food online, you are charged with heavy delivery charges. Coupons help you get rid of this unnecessary burden of extra charges and helps you order your choice of meals online with ease and efficiency.
  5. First time purchase benefits: When you order for the very first time from any app, your purchase is extremely crucial to the company as you become a potential long-term customer. Companies that exist in such a competitive sphere offer a lot of discounts and benefits to attract more customers and enhance customer loyalty towards their brand. This is an opportunity you must not miss! While making a first time purchase you must look for coupons to reap maximum benefits.

What’s hot in the junk food world?

Junk food is available in all shapes and sizes. This category of food is influenced by a wide variety of cultures across the globe and each given an Indian touch to create an extraordinarily mouth-watering twist. A plate of junk food is, therefore, a reflection of different cultures of the world! For example, Pizza and pasta are essentially a recipe from the Italian culture, Tacos are Mexican, Burgers are typically American, Noodles are Chinese, Momos are a dish famous in the north-eastern regions of India and so on.
The Indian twist to this diversity of junk food items is added when we modify the recipes to suit the Indian palette. Adding cottage cheese or pineapples to pizzas are modifications to the original cultural recipe of Italy.

The plethora of options available in the junk food industry is sure to confuse you as much as they will tempt you. Deciding what to order can be a huge problem as you might often find yourself lost in a vast universe of variety. We bring you a guide to the top 5 food trends of 2018 that will help you make a better decision.

Top 5 food trends

  1. Thai Ice cream rolls:

One of the fastest trending food items are the ice cream rolls that are originally from Thailand. In addition to the divine taste, the preparation style of this dish is also as unique and therefore becoming viral on the internet. These delicious rolls of ice cream are prepared by pouring liquid ice cream on a cold slate, which is then chopped and served with a wide variety of toppings.

  1. The good-looking potatoes- Cheesy French fries:

French fries have been a popular crowd-pleasing food item since ages and they continue to firmly hold on to their fame even in 2018. People are experimenting with different versions of the classic French fries such as peri fries, barbeque fries, cheesy baked fries etc and the consumers are drooling over them!

  1. Momos

Momos, dumplings, Dimsums: one dish,many names and many more varieties. Momos are the most trending dish of 2018 and is the one that people have experimented the most with. The classification of momos range from the method they are cooked with to their fillings! Based on its cooking method momos can be classified as steamed, fried, pan fried, tandoori while there is no limit to its forms on the basis of its fillings- paneer, chicken, soya, mutton, pork and even chocolate! Momos are trending so much that there is a special “Momo festival” dedicated to this specific food item.

  1. Nachos

Nachos are another popular dish that is now served with a wide variety of toppings and sauces. Nachos are particularly popular among the youth and its cheesy baked version along with some fresh salsa dip is a food heaven.

  1. Waffles

Crunchy waffles topped with fresh fruits and berries along with your favourite ice cream is the most recent trend that is fast gaining popularity. Specifically, popular among the youth, waffles just like every other trending food item waffles are available in a variety of forms such as the honeycomb waffle or the bubble waffle as well as in a variety of toppings such as the maple syrup or the chocolate syrup. The most famous of these waffles are the Nutella waffles oozing with chocolate.  You must try them now! If you haven’t already.

Feasting with your eyes

As they rightfully say, it is the eyes with which enjoy any food item first and then the mouth. The junk food items nowadays are fancy enough to attract the attention of people and make them drool just by its appearance. This gives people all the more reason to photograph these gorgeous looking and well-presented food items and flaunt them on all their social media handles to make all the others jealous. To make sure that you are ahead in the food flaunting game you must make sure, you are using the right hashtags! Some of the most popular hashtag trends are listed below:

  • #foodie
  • #eatfamous
  • #foodoftheday
  • #foodaddict
  • #junkfood

How to satisfy instant food cravings?

The simple solution to almost every food craving that you might have- be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert is order online! There is a large number of apps that will deliver you your favourite junk food item right at your doorstep. While these online food ordering apps make it easier to order food, 36coupons ensures that you receive the cheapest deals by providing you with the codes of the best possible coupons available in the market. Ordering fast food has never been so easy owing to a number of apps and websites that have made it convenient, extremely easy and economical to order and enjoy your favourite junk food item in the vicinity of your homes without taking the pain of actually going out in extreme weather conditions and unnecessarily draining your energy. Some of the top food delivery apps and their unique advantages are listed in the table below:

How convenient is it to order junk food and avail discounts online?

One of the simplest ways of ordering food is the online method. offers you the most convenient method to copy and apply promotional codes and save big on every purchase. All you need to do is follow 5 simple steps:

  1. Open the website of 36coupons and search for your desired coupon.
  2. Copy the code and open the app from which you wish to order.
  3. Choose your favourite item from the menu and place order.
  4. Apply coupon and select mode of payment.
  5. Enjoy the fresh food delivered right at your doorstep.

The more you buy, the more you save: With exciting discounts and Coupons

Hunger and craving for your favourite food item can strike you anytime, irrespective of the time of the month. Satisfying them especially during the end of the month can burn huge holes in your pocket. Avail the variety of benefits as mentioned above by availing exciting offers and discounts on a variety of junk food items from food delivering websites and apps through updated coupons available on 36 coupons. Burst your belly with the huge list of offers available and choose the one that suits you the best.
We have the best and latest beverage promo codes that are sure to meet the needs of all kinds of buyers ranging from first-time buyers to frequent users, to monthly offers as well as season specific discounts. 36 Coupons is your ideal hub for all kinds of discounts you might be searching for. Save more and enjoy much more on your favourite junk food items. Discount coupons, as well as cashback offers on almost every food ordering platform, are available with us. Check out our exciting and updated coupons.