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Everyone loves chocolate cakes, and it’s their first choice when it comes to flavored cakes. Don’t you love it? We don’t regard our ages when it comes to chocolate because it has the best natural taste one could ever imagine. It’s a must-have cake for many of our celebrations whether specially made occasions or parties. If you have been looking for the best store or shop that will present to you the premium quality chocolate cake that you can afford, know now that your search is over because this podium is for you and other chocolate cake lovers that are also in search of the store. This website will offer you a wide variety of chocolate cake stores that works online and delivers their goods and services to crossway India. Some of their popular stores are Ferns N Petals, Country Oven, Indian Gifts Portal, Floweraura, Send my Gift, Giftease, Gifts by Meeta and Flaberry, etc. Moreover, all of these stores offer exclusive promo codes and coupons on all the chocolate cakes they have. You will discover lots of designed chocolate cakes and delicious ones too; you won’t be craving too much for them again because whenever you feel like eating the chocolate cake, you will get it easily and fast to slide into your mouth. You can make use of their coupon codes when you are ordering for wedding chocolate cakes, birthday chocolate cakes, anniversary chocolate cakes or other special celebrations. With their coupon codes, you will get a great discount on your order. However, if you want your discount to be expressive, pick your coupons and promo codes from

History of the Chocolates and Chocolate Cake

Chocolates are used in making chocolate cakes. There is also other stuff that is used in making a chocolate cake like the Fudge, sweeteners and vanilla creme, but the main ingredient in the cake is the Chocolate. In the year 1764, Dr. James Baker found out how to use grounded cacao beans to form chocolate within two huge milestones. In the year 1828, Mr. Coenraad van Houten, who is from the Netherlands, expanded a mechanical extraction system of taking out fat from the cacao liquid making it turn into butter and some were called “rock cacao” while some were in powdered form. Then, in the year 1879, Mr. Rodolphe Lindt processed this cacao into being smoother and silkier. This process is known as conching. This method made it possible for us to bake chocolates today because it is now smooth and complete with the help of butter.

Some Unknown Facts about Chocolate Cakes

The stores that are listed on make the chocolate cakes flavour delightful; mostly the delicious and dark cakes which are enticing. However, there are many unknown facts about your best flavour (chocolate) that you don’t know yet!

  • Cacao versus cocoa: There are differences between the two, mostly when it comes to the health benefits and flavours. Both of the beans come from the removal of seed pods that are part of the cacao tree. They were fermented and dried up. The cacao has more health benefits than cocoa, but the cocoa flavour is sweeter than the cacao flavour.
  • How the chocolate cake phenomenon started: Rodolphe Lindt founded a method in chocolate called conching. That is why you can make a cake with chocolate that is very silky and smooth. As many started transforming cakes into chocolate cake, that was how chocolate cake journey began.
  • German’s chocolate cake: These cakes are the most desired cakes in the world, due to the type of ingredients in which German’s add to their chocolate cakes like pecan filling and frosting, custard-based coconut, etc., and the addition of delicious maraschino cherries occasionally is what makes people delighted in German’s cakes.
  • Chocolate: Chocolate, which is cacao, can help your mood change in major ways. That is one of the reasons why chocolates are good. They help your brain increase in the level of its usual endorphin that occurs and the manufacturing of serotonin; you will feel great. This happens when you take the chocolate moderately. It has no cholesterol; it is very high in dietary fiber, magnesium, selenium, vitamin B6, and manganese. That is why many people, from not minding their ages, take chocolate cakes.
  • Every January 27th, the nation normally celebrates chocolate cakes day.
  • The German Day of chocolate cake is observed every year on 11th June

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